Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are you beginning to get my point?

I like Snow Patrol.
a lot. a lot.
i miss them.

Tomorrow school starts back..woo hoo..
It's going to be so cold! I'm not looking forward to that!
I just remembered I also need to get gas...dang.

I'm sitting at my new desk, i love my little set up i've got here.
A cute black desk with neat little shelves on the side..i'd post a picture..but it's not quite complete yet..I'm waiting for my new mouse to come in! It's adorable.
What i'd really like is a Pat Says Now mouse..they are SO cute...
here's a link

Either way, i love my desk..ready to get it all complete so i can put up a picture of it!

Oh, and there's a really lame picture of a flower above the desk, one my mom put there to make up for the blank wall space up here..I decided I'm going to break back out my painting skills and paint something new to replace it with..
I'm thinking a Japanese land or city-scape..but that's iffy.

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