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Monday, January 11, 2010


That's pretty much all im thinking right now..
Ever since my battle with that stupid mysterious parasite ordeal last year, my stomach (well, more so small intestine) randomly starts KILLING me at just whenever..this only started after the parasite.

I honestly have not been in such a blogging mood lately, and am not even sure really why I'm doing it if i dont want to, but I'm just such a creature of habit that I wont stop.
I usually blog every other weekday will my co worker is on her lunch break.

I hate when you buy jeans with holes in them...and then you step through them while putting them on, and rip the hole super wide and look like a hobo rather than some one with nice expensive jeans.



  1. hahaha. i hate that too.
    i've ruined so many jeans that way.

  2. I did that with my jeans the other day. It didn't rip so terribly bad but now I can't stop fiddling with the frizzies on there haha