Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm legal!

I've been legal for almost a week now..but..
I havent blogged in a while.
i considered quitting..but eh..why not?

but anyway, Yes i am now 18. Now people dont look at me like i'm QUITE as crazy when they find out i'm dating an almost 23 year

VBS workweek turned into VBS work 3 days for me. I was just way too tired to come back yesterday. Mainly because i was still pooped from vacation.
Yes i know that's sad...that i was more tired after vacation than before...but a vacation with my mother is rarely relaxing. Especially if we're in Disney World.
But she did have our best interests at heart, and only made us run like we did because she wanted us to get to do everything.
but seriously...
i'm very glad to not be getting up at 6 am and going to bed at 1 am anymore!

My summer is BUSY!
VBS is next week..and i start back to work next week...
then i have 1 week of nothing but work
and then the next is my last youth camp as a student.

the next week..end of june..first of july..i have off..
no wait..i think Ty said we're playing at some 4th of July thing or something..
then the next week is counseling at Kids Camp!
the next week is free
then my 2 week stay in Phoenix..yikes!

by then it's august..and i have freshman orientation at Tech..
and i have GOT to get an apartment pronto.
Kristin and Taylor and i are moving in together..
but we need to wait til the beginning og August (and no later!) because i'll be gone most of July.

growing up is scaring me.