Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I always can find you, again.

Meet my brand new love : )

Hofner Icon Series...

its what Paul McCartney played!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Cause I had the best day, with you, today.

A little background briefing first,
for the past 2 weeks my wonderful boy has worked at LEAST 12 hour shifts everyday. He got off so late that I never got to see him (minus tuesday and wednesday nights for band practice/church) and only got to talk to him for a little bit at night. And when we did talk, he was just so tired and aggravated at that point that our conversations were not even enjoyable.
I kind of had a breakdown Tuesday night while talking to him on the phone...and so he decided right then that he would ask for Friday off so that he could spend some much needed time with me.
And he did!

So yesterday morning,
1)He got up early on his day off and came to pick me up for school! ( Keep in mind, he lives almost 30 minutes away from me, and i go to school almost 30 minutes away!)
2)we picked up donuts (chocolate sprinkled ones!!) to eat on the way to Ruston
3) He dropped me off at, and picked me back up from school!
4)We ate lunch at the most awesome mexican restaurant in Ruston, San Miguel's (and also played around at Office Depot a while..we're such nerds!)
4) He got me Smoothie King!
5)He dropped me off, and picked me up from work!
6)He treated me to Ronin! My favorite place in the entiiiiiire world.
7) We saw Avatar (I really didnt care much to see this movie, but if it would buy me more time with him it didnt matter! ...and in reality, it wasnt so bad, just REALLY long! awesome effects though.)
8)He dropped me back off at my house...I was so sad to end the day!

My wonderful boy really showed me how much he cares. I just had a great day yesterday, and am so proud of him for taking care of me like he does!

but now i'm sure he's
sorry sweetheart!

Nah, while it's so nice to have nice dinners and things with him, all I really want is just to get to spend time with him. I'm glad he knows that : )

My blackberry photography (ha!) of my sprinkle donut and my chauffeur!

I went kind of sharpie crazy at Office Depot..but look at all the cool colors they have!!

this was before Christmas..but i didnt take a picture of us yesterday! Too busy having fun i guess! haha!

this is his new blogspot!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You won't relent until You have it all.

my heart is yours.

Misty Edwards is a worship leader from IHOP (International house of prayer, not pankcakes).
She is an incredible prophetic artist...she's so bold and also very talented. Her music really has power in it. The power of God flows through every lyric.
If you dont know of her, look her up.
I used to be REALLY into her a few years back, and am really getting back into her.

Take a listen at this one:

Also this one too, just because it's so crazily mind blowing...and on the verge of creepy..

Now listen to that and tell me you're not motivated.

In other news,
well..i dont really have other news.
But i'm pretty excited about my life, and where i'll be headed in the future.
I cant wait.
Changes are coming...but I think i'm almost ready : )

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm falling on my knees.

offering all of me...

Jesus, you're all this heart is living for.

I love that song so much. It's pretty old, but its so beautiful, still.
love love.

Chelsea spent the night with me last night..she dyed the under side of my hair..but since my hair is naturally multi colored (super weird..) you can really tell.
i'm thinking of just dying it's a nice color of brown...(im beginning to get a complex over my hair turning so blonde..)
Should I?

Abby, Kaitlyn, and I were talking about my future wedding this morning.
I love talking about that! ha..and i'm not even engaged yet lol.
I just love it.
I cant wait.

My cousin Jessica, who is a year older than me (and may I add, we have always kind of butted heads) is getting married in May..she's having a cowboy wedding (outside..grrrr...)
hm..i'm not even sure what to think about that ...ahah..

I LOVE how warm it is today. Seriously, I'm in love with it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tell me things like, "I can't take my eyes of off you."

I have to hurry post this!
I know I dont really have time, i really need to get to studying, but I wanted to blog really bad!!

I'm kind of a mess this week.
Not like, emotionally, but like generally...
I'm a tornado everywhere I go!
My CAR (thats all caps for a reason lol) bass amp area at Shockwave..
Elly can attest to this, I'm a walking talking mess! lol!

I have to:
study Math, Biology, and Sociology
have quiet time/intense prayer for the Shockwave service tonight
straighten my hair
cut my bangs (yiiiiiikes)
get dressed/make up


Monday, January 11, 2010


That's pretty much all im thinking right now..
Ever since my battle with that stupid mysterious parasite ordeal last year, my stomach (well, more so small intestine) randomly starts KILLING me at just whenever..this only started after the parasite.

I honestly have not been in such a blogging mood lately, and am not even sure really why I'm doing it if i dont want to, but I'm just such a creature of habit that I wont stop.
I usually blog every other weekday will my co worker is on her lunch break.

I hate when you buy jeans with holes in them...and then you step through them while putting them on, and rip the hole super wide and look like a hobo rather than some one with nice expensive jeans.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Always Yours.

I dont have much of a post today,
there's not much to say except COLD.

That sums up this entire week.

In Louisiana, we dont get very much "real" cold (which i am VERY glad about, i HATE the cold!), but this week it has been in the 30's all week, and won't get out of the 20's today!
That is pretty stinkin cold for the south!!

So that's about it..

These are my favorites.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day off.

Today is my day off, as is every Wednesday, and I am loving it today!

This is the first Wednesday in months that i have actually gotten to come home and stay home until Flood worship band practice tonight!
It's so nice.
Mom and I made some silly looking quesadillas with my new quesadilla maker!

I actually had time to sit and read the paper! (Call me weird, but I have always loved to read the news paper..even though most of our news is about ag and such..ha)

I took a bubble bath! Yes! A nice hot bubbly bath! It's nice getting out of the cold! Wandering around college campus all morning stinks in the cold!

And now I am just chilling at my desk..
maybe play some Oregon Trail (oh yes folks!)
maybe write in a journal
maybe watch a movie
maybe take a nap

..the possibilities seem to be (somewhat) endless!! Woo hooo!!

Thank You Jesus for days off!

Monday, January 4, 2010


oh my gosh..
WHERE did the years go?

Last thing I remember I was 14...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are you beginning to get my point?

I like Snow Patrol.
a lot. a lot.
i miss them.

Tomorrow school starts back..woo hoo..
It's going to be so cold! I'm not looking forward to that!
I just remembered I also need to get gas...dang.

I'm sitting at my new desk, i love my little set up i've got here.
A cute black desk with neat little shelves on the side..i'd post a picture..but it's not quite complete yet..I'm waiting for my new mouse to come in! It's adorable.
What i'd really like is a Pat Says Now mouse..they are SO cute...
here's a link

Either way, i love my desk..ready to get it all complete so i can put up a picture of it!

Oh, and there's a really lame picture of a flower above the desk, one my mom put there to make up for the blank wall space up here..I decided I'm going to break back out my painting skills and paint something new to replace it with..
I'm thinking a Japanese land or city-scape..but that's iffy.