Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger Stats..

So for all you that have a blogspot..go to your dashboard and click on "stats" and check em out. You can find out what people google'd in order to stumble upon your page..

In my case, I was pleased (and slightly tickled) to find that people who had stumbled onto my page had googled the following:

- "Hippity hoppety Easter's on it's way!"
- "If you dont mind then I dont mind -The Killers"
- "I always can find you again"
- "I had the best day with you today"
- "dont wake me I plan on sleeping in"
- "shes got you high and you dont even know yet"

I talk about really cool music...and Easter (??)

Thats good to know :)

go check your stats!! Its fun!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Cinco De Mayo edition

First, Let me just say, I totally forgot about the music player on my page, and that I had my volume turned all the way up...and I think I just peed on myself..
that scared me to death!!

Happy Cincer der Mayer ya'll!!!

But really, it's a happy day! Mexico defeated the French, and I became Mrs. Shirey 2 months ago today!! Thankfully it's much prettier today than it was that day ;)

This one time, on a road trip with my family (note to self: 25 hours driving across Texas with 5 people is not fun at the time, but I wouldn't trade the memories for anything)we stopped in El Paso for the night, and the next morning we set out to drive across the border of Mexico, just to say we had. Well, we got there, realize it looked a bit scary and slummish...so we all decided being 2 feet from Mexico was enough for us, and continued on our merry (or not so merry) way to Arizona.

What do I love about Mexican pieces of culture that have made their way to the good ol' US of A?

If I could eat them every single day, with every single meal, I really might. ESPECIALLY if the queso is from El Chile Verde..(OMG)

Pretty much every birthday party I ever had as a child had a pinata included in it. It was a must. What is better than something you get to beat up with a baseball bat and spills candy out all over the place??? NOT MUCH, PEOPLE!!
And this pinata just looks like too much fun!!

You can't tell me mariachi isn't fun. I just cant help but stop and smile when i see, hear one! Granted, I've only seen two, and probably neither were authentic, seeing how one was in San Antonio's Riverwalk, and the other was in Epcot's Mexico exhibit at Walt Disney World...but regardless..the music is just so fun! And who doesn't love watching little men with mustaches and sombreros playing trumpets and stringed instruments..cause i sure do!

4.) Soccer (Futbol). I'm fairly new to the sport of soccer (as said here in America, but frankly futbol makes more sense); I had just gotten into it a few months before the World Cup last year...but I think it's awesome! What a sport, folks! This is perhaps the most popular sport in Mexico (don't quote me on that, I'm just going with what I've heard), and I'm happy to see it gaining a tiny bit more popularity in the U.S.!
Though Mexico was not the team I was pulling for in the World Cup, they're still cool for playing soccer!

That's just 4 of my favorite "Mexican" things!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!