Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts...decor edition.

Thinking happy thoughts is what I'm trying to do, seeing as how I just got 2 big clumps of bad news today regarding the wedding..
But I know worrying, crying, dreading, and even hoping won't change anything.
Only prayer will. I truly believe prayer changes things. I know it does.
I'm declaring His promise is YES and AMEN!!
(Can I get a witness?? Woop woop!! hahaha....)

So, taking my thoughts to a more fun place...they have rested upon the subject of what I will do for a headboard for mine and the mister's bed. Our room came with a built in spot for the bed, complete with drawers underneath (kind of like a captains bed). There fore, a head board would be difficult to get in there.. are some awesome ideas I may use!!

This one is my all time favorite. It even matches the colors of our room! I love love love this idea!

The asian chic side of me loves this one..looks more like it would go in my current room, but I stil love the idea!!

THIS one is absolutely gorgeous to me. I love love love the shutters, but set at different heights just makes them so much neater!! I seriously am in love with this look.

This idea may be the easiest, but certainly not any less cute, in my opinion. If I can't find any shutters for a reasonable price, or just decide I'm way too tired of DIY projects involving painting right now..I'll use this idea!

Any other cute headboard ideas?? I'm welcome to any suggestions I can get!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming next Saturday, to a Vineyard Near You (if you live in north lousiana)

Emily Wheat, will become Emily Shirey!

I'm totally freaking out right now. If you ask me if I'm anxious or anything, and I tell you no..I'm lying. But don't get mad at me...I seriously can hardly tell up from down right now I'm so busy. Seriously.
If you're upset at me right now for not getting back to you on something, or not talking much, or not spilling every detail of my wedding to you in depth when you ask..I am so sorry..but I have a wedding ( and a trailer)to pull together by next Saturday..

so there.

That wasn't too mean was it??

Let me just say what I'm looking forward too SO much:

Aside from just being awesome anyway, it will be filled with all the things I love!
My new husband, the beach, Lamberts Cafe, cheesy souvenir stores, Gulf Coast Zoo, and seeing Hillsong United live!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Yummies!!

I absolutely LOVE holidays..any sort of holiday really..People are always complaining about how they hate "hype" and how America uses holidays as a way to sell more goods (well duh..what good store owner WOULDNT?.

But me?? I LOVE holidays because of all the cute baking!!!

And Valentine's Day is up next!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas...
I heart this cake!! (Pun completely intended!) You can't tell me that is not incredible.
Now actually pulling it off?? yeah....I wouldn't count on it. But it IS ridiculously cute.

I really love the idea of actually have a somewhat healthy topping on my baking...or maybe I just love the idea of lots of strawberries..either or.
Nevertheless, I love this. Are strawberries even in season right now??

Stinking adorable. Hands down.(this is the best day i can..ever remember..)
It's an ice cream sandwhich! Can you tell I really love hearts as well?

And now to my all time favorite..
Cake Pops.
I have had my eyes on these things for over a year now..trying to work up the courage to try it. Essentially, they are just cake balls, covered in adorable sprinkles, and punctured by a sucker stick. But i've read that it's really easy to mess I've been nervous about it.
But this year...this year I will try it.

So stay tuned, I may be posting my go of the Valentine's Day cake pops in a few days!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speaking of Weddings...

I think I totally forgot this was supposed to be a wedding blog!! haha!!

I'll be Emily Shirey in a month and one day!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Excuse my excitement..or don't. I'm excited, so there.

Let me just put some of my wedding inspiration out there...
I so love these little signs. Ahh I hope we can get these together by then!

I'm also in love with these old windows. I'm using several (thanks to Lyndsey Sikes!)at the vineyard!! I can't wait to see them there!

And I love this...I think we're going to be able to string them along the wooden fence that's around the vineyard..but not sure yet. I really hope we get to do it.

There will also be a ton of this..and mason jars.

I love love love the idea of a sweet southern outdoor wedding. Nothing too crazy, fashion forward, or elaborate...but just southern. I love it.

I'm excited to see how it'll turn out :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I remember the sound..of your November downtown..

The above title is a lyric from the Joshua Radin song "Winter".
It only listen to him in the Winter (I'm a seasonal music person), and it always reminds me of a best friend I once had, Angela.

But time passes, we grow up, and things change.
And I do not like change.
I seriously do NOT know how to handle it.
And things are changing too fast for me lately.

Since my last post, things have not looked up in the least. And i do NOT understand. And my heart hurts. A lot.

BUT - there is hope.
There is God. My ever present help in time of trouble. My saviour. My comforter. He's the only thing I have right now...and what a great thing to have He is.

I have an idea for a good blog..but that's on the back burner right now.
I just needed to get this out.

You know what makes me happy when I'm having a bad day?
This silly guy :)

It's probably pathetic..but I love my little dog-acting kitty.