Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm very ready to go on my lunch break.
I'm waiting for my co-worker to get here so i can leave and get it.
I think the most exciting part of my day is often deciding what to eat for lunch..
sad huh?

I'm a creature of habit, to the max. And I enjoy scheduling. I dont like things to just be mixed matched through out the day everyday. I need order..
I dont really like this about me!

My Thanksgiving was good. Usually there is like a thousand relatives that show up to my mimi's house that I dont know from Adam. But this time there was considerably less. I liked that. Even though I'm still not allowed to eat at the big table! What the crap? How old do you have to be to get a seat in there??
The dining room, with the table that seats 18 (im not even kidding), is exclusive to the old people.
How frustrating to have always eaten my Thanksgiving dinner sitting on the floor in the living room.
But, I'm blessed to have so much food and a warm house to be in at it's all good in the end : )

Yesterday was 7 months! : )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving - Eve.

My dad's always called this day, Thanksgiving's Eve.
silly i know.
i love his sense of humor.
if you know him, you know what i'm talking about.

Today was a long day.
Chiropractor...still in therapy from my wreck
guitar lessons seemed longer than usual today..and i owe him 70 bucks by tuesday...idk him i'm going to pull that off..
Ate lunch with the family at Johnny's
and then we went bowling! It was fun being all together. We tend to do that a lot..well not a lot..but when we're all together it's a
Like..if we do it, we do it big. Like spending 2 weeks in the desert..twice.

Bought some more things for some christmas gift baskets i'm putting together, and a few little other things i needed..i love Target so much!

oh I forgot to mention my family spent 67 dollars at the dollar tree today.
Tell me how we did that??
We can tear up some dollar tree!

ended our family night with Risk..
idk why we always play that..we always end up quitting because my brother just gets too obnoxious.
middle school...what a wonderful age.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Matt and Kim is a band, project if you will, that I really like. I'm pretty sure 89% of the public would hate them if they even knew they existed, but oh well, their loss! I'm into ugly music sometimes.heh.

The sun came out very brightly at about 10:30 this morning. It lit up the entire store, and I was completely in awe of how beautiful the sunlight was! I guess we forget to be thankful for that!
It's been so overcast here the past week..i missed the sun and didnt even know it!
Beautiful God, just beautiful.

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving!
I love my family.
And little traditions like watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Even thought now i dont like to wake up early for

I'm obsessed with home decor and baking.
I'm like a house wife with no husband, and no house.

hm..I'm gonna have to get to work on that.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm at work, and had brought a ziploc bag of pretzels to snack on..but...
I have already eaten them all within the first hour. : ( Haha, i love pretzels so much!

Another thing that i have found i love, is actually to bake. Is that weird, seeing how i dont even know how to cook normal food? I guess I have to start somewhere right? ha. Ty's always picking on me about that. He enjoys cooking with me i think..ha. That or he's a really good faker! I think he's just grateful I'm finally learning to be efficient in the kitchen..haha. For 18 years i've relied heavily on my mom or a microwave lol.

We're trying to decide what to bake to bring to Thanksgiving with his mom's family..maybe they'll like me better if i come bearing gifts? hahaha.

Since September, I've really been struggling with where my life is going and what not. More like, where I'm supposed to be right now. I know, that I should have gone to Masters. I have acknowledged that, and it has broken my heart. I stayed because I was afraid, and thought that I knew how to control my future better than God or something. Which of course, I didnt. So i've been in much remorse over feeling as if I missed my chance with doing God's will, and that he's punishing me for being here now, when I should have been in Missouri until April. But last night...I got freedom. I finally felt redeemed. We were just singing "How I love you Jesus" in church, over and over, and as I sang it, and Stephen Ivey said that He loves to hear us say that...I got so excited, just in hearing that I could do something still that God absolutely loved. I was so over joyed by this..I ask God "Really?? You love this??" much like a little kid..and he said "I love YOU. I still love YOU. Its ok. " I just bawled...i asked, "what do i do now? how can i..just what can i do?" and He said plain as day, "Just love me."
A burden lifted. A weight off my chest...I could physically feel it.
It's ok. I'm redeemed.
i WILL love You!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am so blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend.
As terrible and long the wait was, he was so worth it.
I cannot explain how much waiting that long for someone i loved so much hurt. It's crazy. I never knew something like that could feel.
But i'm so blessed to have him now. This week will be 7 months that we will have officially been together.
Is it silly that since i was about 14, I always dreamed of being "Ty and Emily"?
That's the first time i've ever even admitted that.ha.
We're so blessed. Everyday is something new. I love it.

It's Thanksgiving break!! Thank the lord, I made it through my first quarter of school!!
I get to work more hours this week, Christmas money! : )