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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Before I hit the books..

I'm procrastinating again..

I'm about to study it up for the next how many ever hours for my big Geology and Geography tests tomorrow!

I'm so sick of studying for that stuff that I decided to blog a little before I started it back up again tonight..

135 days til I become Mrs. Shirey!

and seriously, those days are not passing fast enough!

About to sit down with my aunt, who is catering the wedding,this weekend and talk about what foods we want! woooo!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gracious and Faithful, God of Specifics.

This week (well every week, but this week in particular), My God has again shown me what king of wonderful he really is.

It's so amazing... how even when we're not faithful..He still is.
and when we don't deserve another single ounce of grace... He still gives it.

Money's been tight lately, for both me and my fiance. It's just been one of those weeks where it seems like random things you suddenly have to pay for come up... speeding tickets..parking know, that stuff.
But even when my bank account was supposed to be empty, and Ty wasn't supposed to have anymore checks to deposit..somehow, it happened.

- A girl I used to work with at Chick Fil A gave me free tickets to a concert Ty and I really wanted to go to, but it was gonna hurt to fork over $60 bucks to go see..and she gave them to us free!! BLESSING!

- After the (free) concert, we went out to eat with some friends of ours (after said friends had already introduced Ty to one of his worship leading "idols"). At the end of the meal, our friend insisted we let him pay for our food. BLESSING AGAIN!

Maybe this stuff doesn't sound big to you..but being engaged to marry in 5 months..we're trying to save all the money we can so we can afford a place to live and what not, and with all the recent things we've each had to pay for, it's not making saving too easy!

At TheTable this past Thursday, a girl mentioned how God loves us so much, that he even does little things, that He knows we, specifically, would love. Like giving me free tickets to a concert..someone else may not have cared about that concert..but it really meant a lot to me. And how I got to learn how to crochet this week ( from my awesome friend Melanie)...which again, other people might not care about, but I LOVED getting to learn something new! So thankful, for a God who loves me this much!

And His grace...oh, He's so gracious.
Even when I've not been a good daughter, He's been such a merciful and gracious Father. Even when i've paid my studies, my friends, my fiance, etc more attention that He...He STILL pours out blessings on me.

I can't type enough about this. about Him.

But there you have it :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Funny Story.

As I have mentioned in my past few posts, I have been looking for an outside wedding venue...
and after much freaking out and fretting..
I went back, with my parents, to look one last time at Landry's Vineyard ( where I had originally decided the second I saw it, to have the wedding) before I went with a different venue.

and later that night I took Ty, and our friend Ryan and Lindsey, out to see it again...

needless to say, I remember why I fell in love with that place..


The Shirey wedding will officially be on March 5,2011 , at Landry's Vineyard!!