Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glucose Tolerance Teststravaganza (pt.2)

I didn't type a pt. 1 for this blog...but it's part 2 for me, because I am retaking my glucose tolerance test.

Glucose Test - determines if you have gestational diabetes.

A glucose tolerance test is, initially, a one hour test in which you drink a small bottle of something sweeter than any snow cone syrup I have ever tasted. After drinking it, you sit and waste an hour in the waiting room (aka intermittently stare at different people in the waiting room, and occasionally make eye contact with someone, smile weirdly, and then look back down at Pinterest). After the hour is up, you walk your own self back to the lab as if you're happy about it, and let the nurse who hates her job stab you in your elbow vein as hard as she can and take, what seems to be, way too many vials of blood.
AFTER this, you leave and hope to never get a call back from them (meaning everything is great, and you do NOT have Gestational Diabetes).

I failed the nice little 1 hour test.

So now I am taking the 3 hour test (which is really 4).

At this very moment in time, I am again sitting in the waiting room, just 2 days later, after having my first arm prick and snow cone syrup guzzle, awaiting several more hours of waiting (people watching), and 3 more arm pricks.

Let me just say:
1.) I hope to NEVER have to have one more ounce of my blood drawn by the lady at the West Monroe office EVER again.
I have always had blood work done at the WM office, so I just assumed it was always that bad.
Monroe office lab lady is so gentle she makes me want to hug her. Now I know the lady at WM just sucks.
2.) I am kind of enjoying the curious glances that people are giving my iPad as I type on it...even though I would never have enough money to buy this for myself, none of them have to know that ;) I feel awesome.
3.) I have one more minute until i must walk back to the lab and give up some more hoo.

I hope this re test proves that my sugar levels are just fine, and I do not have gestational diabetes. That'd be swell.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Pregnancy Humor

I have found, that when you are really just have to remember to always have a good sense of humor, and never ever ever wear your heart on your sleeve (which is ridiculously hard while your emotions are completely whack a doodle).
While I really should post about all of the lovely things my youth students, complete strangers, and male friends who have never been and will never be pregnant have said to me, I will instead post a link to something that really makes me chuckle.

Why does it make me chuckle?
Because only a pregnant woman, or woman who has been pregnant, could relate so well to this bit of hilarity.

So follow the link, and relate.