Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let me Just say...

I had this MASSIVE Christmas blog saved on here, that I kept meaning to finish up and post. But seeing as it's almost February, the wedding planning is making my crazy, and I really just don't feel like it...I'm not going to post it. lol. I'm just gonna start from where I'm at now.

Well, I guess I should say I had a wonderful Christmas, and having 3 extra christmas's to go to (the Shirey side) was actually cool. And everybody needs a little Yoko Shirey (Ty's crazy Japanese grandmother) comedy hour in their life...

Soooo, without further ado...
Let us continue on, in the year 2011.

Things have been crazy stressful for me as late, and I tend to break down and cry at any moment..just out of pure stress. It's been a crazy year already. We lost my cousin on New Years Day. I'm trying desperately to pass my math class, and if I do not, I'll lose my scholarship... I'm currently failing it. Found out the dog I've had all growing up has cancer. The store I work at is closing..and I'll be out of a job right before I get married. I still have to buy the wedding ring..and various other things for the wedding. I just do not understand how this will all come together.
I trust God, but I'm going to admit, I'm a little scared right now...just the human side of me comin' out I guess.

I know it will be ok..I'm just ready to see God's plan behind all this. I don't understand, and maybe I never will..but I faith that He'll bring me through.

On a better note,
I'll be Emily Shirey in less than 6 weeks! AHHHHH!!!!

All the showers are starting as well, and I'm really excited to see what all we get!
My family's is this saturday!

I'll leave you with a song that's been extremely encouraging to me lately...she's also a really cool christian artist (those are few and far between in my opinion)..and performs with her husband :)