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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green beans!

As I type, my mom is cooking green beans and macaroni and cheese downstairs in the kitchen to go with our baked chicken. Usually I'd be downstairs helping, as i've acquired a sense of "there's no real reason to go help, except for just to be polite. it's just what you do". I've acquired that "sense" with a lot of things lately. I think i'm turning into an american mother already. hahaha.
Either way, I love love love green beans. I love them.

Random tidbit:
I usually use Mozilla Firefox. But today I'm using Safari as a change of pace. I'm so daring. I like to live on the edge, you know.

Ty and I (and my sister, my sister is pretty much always with me when we're not at school or work, so i thought it'd be nice to include her) attended my uncle's fish fry yesterday. It raiiinnnneeddd. And of course, Lousiana being Louisiana, it was super muggy and humid..but it was ok. I don't like fried fish, but i like french fries. And lots of french fries did I eat!

my sister and I met a friend of mine I havent seen since probably my sophomore year in high school for a photo session!
Emily (no i did not refer to myself in 3rd person, we share the same name!) was so much fun! She's really good at what she does too, so check the link out! I've also been eyeing her stuff on Etsy for a while now..haha!

Funny story about Emily, when I first met her, my best friend and I were the new kids in our church youth group. We went to a summer camp that year, and Emily was in the youth group we went with. The one stand out memory I have of her, was of her and Lauren Peters running up and down the middle of the dorm for roughly 2 hours yelling about the bubble wrap tied around their heads. hahaha. And also Emily popped up at mine and Tatum's bunk before bed that night and asked us if we liked death...i'm pretty sure our answer was no.
man..funny kids. It's nice to know you've mellowed out Emily! hahahaha.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

100 favorite things.

A super cute blogger I follow "Miss Indie"
is doing a give away of her 100 favorite things, and it would benefit you if you checked it out! I looove her page :)

Miss Indie's page

Monday, May 3, 2010

At the moment, i'm watching a documentary on the KKK, and how it's still around today (just smaller and in a slightly different form), because i'm nerdy and into history like that. I'm pretty much floored by these people's ignorance. I mean..seriously? The color of your skin makes you better? Riiiiight.
They say children of mixed blood, interracial, or just impure white blood, are mongrels?? Alright, now you're talking about my potential future babies! I dont think so!
These people need some Jesus!!

I made a cake this past weekend!
A Rainbow Cake!

it's blurry i know, all I have is my Blackberry to take pics with right now!
But it tasted YUMMY!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


This past week has been a toughie.
Like..super tough.
You could probably add on the week before that as well.

I'm seriously being tested..
I'm pretty much ready for the struggle to be over! God help me walk the way you want me to!