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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am so blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend.
As terrible and long the wait was, he was so worth it.
I cannot explain how much waiting that long for someone i loved so much hurt. It's crazy. I never knew something like that could feel.
But i'm so blessed to have him now. This week will be 7 months that we will have officially been together.
Is it silly that since i was about 14, I always dreamed of being "Ty and Emily"?
That's the first time i've ever even admitted that.ha.
We're so blessed. Everyday is something new. I love it.

It's Thanksgiving break!! Thank the lord, I made it through my first quarter of school!!
I get to work more hours this week, Christmas money! : )


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  2. this is soooo sweet. you guys are cute.
    wonder when ill get that wedding invite in the mail?! ha!

  3. @ Melissa...
    just a little bit longer..haha!