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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving - Eve.

My dad's always called this day, Thanksgiving's Eve.
silly i know.
i love his sense of humor.
if you know him, you know what i'm talking about.

Today was a long day.
Chiropractor...still in therapy from my wreck
guitar lessons seemed longer than usual today..and i owe him 70 bucks by tuesday...idk him i'm going to pull that off..
Ate lunch with the family at Johnny's
and then we went bowling! It was fun being all together. We tend to do that a lot..well not a lot..but when we're all together it's a
Like..if we do it, we do it big. Like spending 2 weeks in the desert..twice.

Bought some more things for some christmas gift baskets i'm putting together, and a few little other things i needed..i love Target so much!

oh I forgot to mention my family spent 67 dollars at the dollar tree today.
Tell me how we did that??
We can tear up some dollar tree!

ended our family night with Risk..
idk why we always play that..we always end up quitting because my brother just gets too obnoxious.
middle school...what a wonderful age.

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