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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts...decor edition.

Thinking happy thoughts is what I'm trying to do, seeing as how I just got 2 big clumps of bad news today regarding the wedding..
But I know worrying, crying, dreading, and even hoping won't change anything.
Only prayer will. I truly believe prayer changes things. I know it does.
I'm declaring His promise is YES and AMEN!!
(Can I get a witness?? Woop woop!! hahaha....)

So, taking my thoughts to a more fun place...they have rested upon the subject of what I will do for a headboard for mine and the mister's bed. Our room came with a built in spot for the bed, complete with drawers underneath (kind of like a captains bed). There fore, a head board would be difficult to get in there.. are some awesome ideas I may use!!

This one is my all time favorite. It even matches the colors of our room! I love love love this idea!

The asian chic side of me loves this one..looks more like it would go in my current room, but I stil love the idea!!

THIS one is absolutely gorgeous to me. I love love love the shutters, but set at different heights just makes them so much neater!! I seriously am in love with this look.

This idea may be the easiest, but certainly not any less cute, in my opinion. If I can't find any shutters for a reasonable price, or just decide I'm way too tired of DIY projects involving painting right now..I'll use this idea!

Any other cute headboard ideas?? I'm welcome to any suggestions I can get!

1 comment:

  1. old doors - always a win win...
    old iron gate... or corregated (sp?) tin - painted.