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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Name, New Posts, Same Great..err..Taste?

I've changed my blog name up for hopefully the last time!! Obviously I couldn't stay "Soon to be Shirey" forever...considering now I AM a Shirey! Which is cool..and I'm still getting used to it.

Being a wife..I feel like I was literally reborn or something the day I got is different from what I've previously known for 19 years, and everyday I'm learning something a baby. But I kind of like it... :)

I've been keeping an actual journal to help me get my thoughts out, and to help me track things that I've learned so far.

The first lesson I've learned: Do not call your husband (or anyone for that matter) ignorant to his (their) face. Just don't, no matter how bad you want to, and no matter how ignorant they really are being. It's rude, and just because they're being rude..doesn't mean you have to be. Also, it usually results in the other person being very angry (which may or may not include someone sleeping on the couch). So friends, if you ever get the urge to call someone ignorant...stop..drop...and roll. Not really. But for real, just don't do it. Bite your tongue, and save it for your journal.

I'm sorry, dear :)

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