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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Settling In.

Next week, my husband and I will have been married 2 months..and a great 2 months it has been! But I am just NOW starting to feel settled in! I won't lie - for a week or 2- home didn't feel like anywhere. Like, my parent's home felt half-way like home, and our own home felt half-way like home. And I'll admit, that feeling wasn't pleasant. But I came to assume many newly married ( particularly young and family oriented) brides experience this..and that i'd get over it. And get over it I did!
I still adore going to my parents house to visit them and my siblings, but the house (aluminum condo, rather) Ty and I live in has become home.

With our settling in, our puppy has begun to settle in as well. I think we may finally have her house broken (thank GOD!)and she's beginning to come out of her shell (we got her from the pound, and she'd been dropped off with her brother at 8 months old...she was VERY skittish when we got her, she must have been harshly treated). She's so funny and LOVES to chase bugs.
Still open to finding her a home with a yard and children, but if we can't, I think we'll be ok.

Little Miss Avey posin' it up!

Life's good here at the Shirey's. We've had some unexpected bumps: car wrecks, $70 shrimp, and doubled electricity bills...but it's all good. We love our life :)


  1. yeah...apparently it's 15 dollars a lb right now at Crawfish City..which we didnt know until we order 3 lbs of it.