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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming next Saturday, to a Vineyard Near You (if you live in north lousiana)

Emily Wheat, will become Emily Shirey!

I'm totally freaking out right now. If you ask me if I'm anxious or anything, and I tell you no..I'm lying. But don't get mad at me...I seriously can hardly tell up from down right now I'm so busy. Seriously.
If you're upset at me right now for not getting back to you on something, or not talking much, or not spilling every detail of my wedding to you in depth when you ask..I am so sorry..but I have a wedding ( and a trailer)to pull together by next Saturday..

so there.

That wasn't too mean was it??

Let me just say what I'm looking forward too SO much:

Aside from just being awesome anyway, it will be filled with all the things I love!
My new husband, the beach, Lamberts Cafe, cheesy souvenir stores, Gulf Coast Zoo, and seeing Hillsong United live!!!

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