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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger Stats..

So for all you that have a blogspot..go to your dashboard and click on "stats" and check em out. You can find out what people google'd in order to stumble upon your page..

In my case, I was pleased (and slightly tickled) to find that people who had stumbled onto my page had googled the following:

- "Hippity hoppety Easter's on it's way!"
- "If you dont mind then I dont mind -The Killers"
- "I always can find you again"
- "I had the best day with you today"
- "dont wake me I plan on sleeping in"
- "shes got you high and you dont even know yet"

I talk about really cool music...and Easter (??)

Thats good to know :)

go check your stats!! Its fun!!

1 comment:

  1. Its also fun to see the random people from other countries that see your blog. Like 2 people from Vietnam, 1 from the UK, 6 from China, 1 from Israel, etc etc...