Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day off.

Today is my day off, as is every Wednesday, and I am loving it today!

This is the first Wednesday in months that i have actually gotten to come home and stay home until Flood worship band practice tonight!
It's so nice.
Mom and I made some silly looking quesadillas with my new quesadilla maker!

I actually had time to sit and read the paper! (Call me weird, but I have always loved to read the news paper..even though most of our news is about ag and such..ha)

I took a bubble bath! Yes! A nice hot bubbly bath! It's nice getting out of the cold! Wandering around college campus all morning stinks in the cold!

And now I am just chilling at my desk..
maybe play some Oregon Trail (oh yes folks!)
maybe write in a journal
maybe watch a movie
maybe take a nap

..the possibilities seem to be (somewhat) endless!! Woo hooo!!

Thank You Jesus for days off!

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