Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Cause I had the best day, with you, today.

A little background briefing first,
for the past 2 weeks my wonderful boy has worked at LEAST 12 hour shifts everyday. He got off so late that I never got to see him (minus tuesday and wednesday nights for band practice/church) and only got to talk to him for a little bit at night. And when we did talk, he was just so tired and aggravated at that point that our conversations were not even enjoyable.
I kind of had a breakdown Tuesday night while talking to him on the phone...and so he decided right then that he would ask for Friday off so that he could spend some much needed time with me.
And he did!

So yesterday morning,
1)He got up early on his day off and came to pick me up for school! ( Keep in mind, he lives almost 30 minutes away from me, and i go to school almost 30 minutes away!)
2)we picked up donuts (chocolate sprinkled ones!!) to eat on the way to Ruston
3) He dropped me off at, and picked me back up from school!
4)We ate lunch at the most awesome mexican restaurant in Ruston, San Miguel's (and also played around at Office Depot a while..we're such nerds!)
4) He got me Smoothie King!
5)He dropped me off, and picked me up from work!
6)He treated me to Ronin! My favorite place in the entiiiiiire world.
7) We saw Avatar (I really didnt care much to see this movie, but if it would buy me more time with him it didnt matter! ...and in reality, it wasnt so bad, just REALLY long! awesome effects though.)
8)He dropped me back off at my house...I was so sad to end the day!

My wonderful boy really showed me how much he cares. I just had a great day yesterday, and am so proud of him for taking care of me like he does!

but now i'm sure he's
sorry sweetheart!

Nah, while it's so nice to have nice dinners and things with him, all I really want is just to get to spend time with him. I'm glad he knows that : )

My blackberry photography (ha!) of my sprinkle donut and my chauffeur!

I went kind of sharpie crazy at Office Depot..but look at all the cool colors they have!!

this was before Christmas..but i didnt take a picture of us yesterday! Too busy having fun i guess! haha!

this is his new blogspot!