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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's been a [while] year.

So, its been a bit since i've updated..
as strange as it sounds, i just dont update much on my breaks..i'm busy actually having a life i guess lol.
So getting back in school next week will probably mean more updates.
Not that anyone's checking, huh? ha.

So this past year I ....
fell in love.
went to prom with one of my best friends (thanks again, friend ) got to finally date that wonderful boy i fell in love with (it's a long story! )
graduated high school
went to Disney world for my 4th time!
Turned 18 ( on the beach!)
celebrated the birth of my cousin's baby boy Harrison (who also shares my wonderful boy's birthday!)
went to Arizona (again) and Las Vegas for the first time!
Became a Youth leader at Shockwave.
Quit Chick Fil A and started The Teacher's Depot
Started college at LA Tech with 2 scholarships (that im struggling now to keep! ha!)
had my first (and freakin scary!) wreck
finished my first quarter in college
and have now been dating my wonderful boy 8 months!

As great as it was, there was still some tough internal conflict..
but God works it all out right?

I'm looking forward to doing things right this year. I still dont know about this growing up thing yet though..not that i have a choice.. : ) heh.

and this sums up my year.

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