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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deary me!

I'm posting because im procrastinating on my math homework..ha.
This is my 2nd time to take Math 099...I'm trying really really super hard to pass this time.

I've had a really great weekend!
Friday it snowed!!! It didnt stick, but it was so cool to see again.
That night, Ty and I made a Ginger Bread house..
who knew he was such a culinary perfectionist??
I pretty much stunk!
He was in a kind of sour mood that night..made me in a kind of sad i got really upset when he and my sister and her friend decided to eat my Ginger Bread House...
I was sad. : (

Saturday Ty and I had Red Lobster for Lunch! So yum! I love it when he treats me to yummy things like that, especially when i dont even ask!
We went to the mall ( with the other 9 million people!) and bought a few christmas presents...He actually found him some jeans at Old Navy for only 19.99!! So proud ..way to find those sales my man! : )
I picked up some little journals to put in the gift baskets i'm making for my co workers.
I've been always on the look out for little things I can put in their baskets....ideas anyone??
He bought me some super yummy smelling Candy Apple something or another set from Bath and Body for part of my Christmas present!
Also looked for some time in a jewelry store....

We had to cut our shopping short though, because we had a youth event to go to!
The youth went caroling at some nursing homes last night and man, i was having a hard time leading by example cause if i went over and starting talking to some of them i knew the flood gates would open up in my eyes!! It was a struggle to hold them back the whole time!!

And today, Sunday,
Ty ate steaks for lunch with my family, watched that crazy Saints game, and a while later we saw A Christmas Carol with some friends ( and my little brother and his friend tagged along).
I didnt expect it to be so scary!!!

Me and My Co Worker, Ashley, playing in the snow between customers on Friday! haha!

And here's our beautiful creation before the evil giants so mercilessly tore it down : (


  1. I've been wanting to make a gingerbread house... did you use one of those kits from Walmart?

    Ideas for gift thingys for your co workers. At Walmart in the department where they keep all the Christmas trees and ornaments and stuff, in one of those aisles there's a ton of Christmas-like cute item things exactly for gift basket stuff. I lovveeddd it.

  2. Yes i did!
    The house was already pre iced together..which i was ok prior attempts with getting those to stay together did not turn out so well!!

    And really?
    I'm so glad you told me! I shall go check!