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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity Hoppety Easter's on its Way!

I think i'm the only person i've ever met whose favorite holiday is actually Easter.
I love it because it's getting warm,
you get an Easter dress,
yummy Easter candy (im a candy-aholic),
and My saviour rose from the dead to bring salvation to the world!!
How much better does it get??!!

umm..what happened to the option of changing font colours??
what the mess!!??

The store is pretty much dead this month..but i mean..why wouldnt it's March. What teacher decorates her room for March?
Yep..glad to be moving on to April!

My little (well, not really, but i still say that) bro is turning 12 on the 6th, but his party is Thursday. I CANNOT believe my little buddy is TWELVE! Gah it really does seem like yesterday...being 7 years older than he is, i've been more of a mom to him than a sibling. Now that he's getting older, we're hanging more, and I like it. I love my brother!

So i'm making some cupcakes for my mom's side family Easter get together..which by the way, Ty's meeting the Averitte side that day!
Any suggestions for decorating them!? Something cute and Eastery??


  1. I made super cute easterish cupcakes the other day! I dyed the iciing green, and piped it on super thin through a zip lock bag, just cut the corner a little and it looks like grass! Then I got animal shaped gummy candy, peeps, and candy eggs and stuck it in the grass :)

  2. Ca-uuutttee!! I was hoping to find an alternative to coconut shreds!! Thats a good idea!

  3. you could decorate them like they are easter eggs...with stripes and polka dots and stuff.

    everyone who has commented on your post is an /em uh lee/. :)

  4. Oh Emily, that's a cute idea too!!!

    Are you guys gonna be there Saturday?

    Haha you're right! hahaha wow we're so cool.