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Friday, March 5, 2010

Family Ties.

I know a lot of people (i really think it has something to do with being Southern) that are really close to a lot of their family. And not like, immediate, mom, dad, siblings, family. Like..cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
One of my best friends, Taylor, has a family like that. And they make me wish so much that I was that close with all of my family!
My life has always been a very immediate family oriented one, which i wouldnt have traded for the world, but as far as any other family goes, I was only "close" to my grandparents. I would only see my cousins, aunts, and uncles on holidays.
And I know my dad's side couldnt really be like that, because it's not very big, but my moms side is HUGE and I LOVE it, I just wish we were closer!
I think it would be fun.
The cousins (and one aunt) that I am actually close with are some of my best friends. Thinking about it...I guess it would be different if I wasnt one of the babies of my mom's side.
My mom is the youngest of when my cousins were all growing up together, they were locking me in closets and being me to me and such...
Joseph and Little Rodney locked me in a bedroom on Christmas Eve when I was about 4...
I think i'm still bitter about that one because I missed the beginning of the present opening!!!

But I digress. HA.

Oh hey! I passed all of my finals, AND all of my classes!! Woooppp!!!


  1. I will DEFINITELY be beating Joseph up for that one! Present time at Mamaw's is too amazing to miss!

    Is it strange that I'm from your mom's side AND your dad's side?? I guess that's what happens when 2 sisters marry 2 cousins!

    We should TOTALLY get together outside of comments on facebook and blogger. I'm about to finish my job, and the weather is getting nicer, so I'll be taking Harrison out a lot more pretty soon. I'll let you know the next time we go to the park or zoo or something so you can meet up with us! Besides, you like sushi right? I need a sushi buddy because Joseph hates the stuff!

  2. Haha yeah, Joseph scarred me for life. He was a mean little boy! lol! I seriously was convinced he was still even until I was like 13.hahaha.

    Yeah I was explaining that to Ty when we were out there today...I'm pretty sure he's freaked out.hahaha. But it just makes us DOUBLE related!! haha!!

    And yeah we should!! No I dont like sushi, as much as i REALLY want to. Ty LOVES sushi (must be the Japanese in him) and every time we go get it I try it just in CASE my taste happened to But I can always eat rice! haha!