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Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Wake Me, I Plan on Sleeping In.

Friday and today were finals for Winter Quarter.
Needless to say, I have gotten next to NO sleep in the past 4 or 5 days. And I REALLY pushed it to the limit last night, seeing how I had both Sociology, and Math finals today, both of which the grade I got on my final would determine whether I PASSED OR FAILED the class!
So, of course, I was stressing out MAJOR. Even after all the studying I had done, I still ended up staying up until 3 am studying my brains out, and even after I let myself go to bed, I just tossed and turned all night stressing.
SO - resulting in my feeling even worse when I woke up than I had felt before I went to sleep.
Like, a mac truck ran over me, but didnt let me die. SO miserable!
So after both my tests were done (which i actually found out I was prepared for!) I went to work, and really just felt like I was going to die (obvious exaggeration, but still!) and my boss was kind enough to let me go home and sleep!! (BIG thanks to Mrs. Leslie!!)

So, after a shower, comfy pj's, clean sheets, and a 3 hour nap, Ty brought me over some Chinese!
He treats me so great. Spoils me rotten is what he does, actually, haha.

Now I am sitting at my "night job" (i put that in quotes because its not very much work, i sleep at a mom from my church's house with her 2 daughters while she goes to work at night.) drinking a Route 44 Sonic Coke and watching My Life as Liz (which i am LOVING lately) ...the prom episode...which reminds me how even though i LOVED dressing up, I would NOT go back to high school for the WORLD! haha...

Nighty, nighty!


  1. Hey girl! I don't know if I've told you this already yet...but get some melatonin. I REALLY wish I had known about it when I was in school. I would stay up like you, and when I went to bed too many things were rolling around in my head to let me go to sleep. I didn't want to take anything to help me sleep because I didn't want to feel groggy when I woke up a couple hours later.

    Same thing happened after Harrison was born. I had severe insomnia, but didn't want to take anything because I would have to get up in the middle of the night to feed him. (I actually took something ONE time and couldn't even pull myself out of bed when Harrison's SIDS alarm went off!! That's when I decided, no drugs.)

    But I finally broke down and tried melatonin. It's not a "drug". It's actually what your body makes naturally to sleep. About 10-20 minutes after you take it, you feel sleepy...not drugged-overwhelmingly tired, just sleepy. Even if you have to wake up in a couple of hours, you wake feeling rested (or at least more rested than if you hadn't taken it), but never drugged.

    I actually have some I can give to you if you don't want to spend the money. Just let me know.

  2. Wow that sounds like some awesome stuff!! Thanks for telling me about it!
    It's just called Melatonin?