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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Am I the only one who is freaked out when John Mayer sings "Your body is a wonderland..."
that just freaks me out.
it does.

I'm not a huge Mayer fan anyhow.

And moving right along...

I wish I had more time to blog, but even being out of school for Mardi Gras i've still been busy. Working everyday, except for today, where I ran errands all day.
I dont mind running errands. Especially today, when I had my Ty's car! I loooove driving his car.

Well, I suppose I should quickly recap my Valentine's day!
This is what Ty got me:

a sweet little panda bear (that's kind of been our thing since ..well..a LONG time ago), TWO dozen roses, and the most WONDERFUL perfume, Satin, from Victoria Secret.
He did great!!
I got him some cologne, Sean John Unforgivable ( it was what he wore 2 years ago when we first were craaaaaaaaaazy about each i'm pretty partial to this scent!) and some skull candy ear phones to go with it.
We ate at Longhorn Steak House (incredible place, might i add) and saw Dear John ( i had already seen it, but i felt like i needed to see it again, and actually thought Ty would like it!).
We had a wonderful night.
I am so blessed to have him. And I mean, I know how people feel about not having a valentine on V-day, but really, I'm getting aggravated that people try and make me feel bad for actually being blessed. Geez.
Anyway, I'm lucky to have him and can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Here's what I made on V-day (red velvet is my absolute FAVE!)...

a side view...

some snow pics I promised..
Our snowman..complete with cheeto face...

The backyard was SOOO beautiful!

and this one just because my snowball throwing stance is funny!

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