Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday.

Ok, maybe not so manic..actually..i'm pretty sure I cant even remember what manic really means at this point..but I dont think today would be classified as manic, even if i did remember.

It's yucky and cold and humid and rainy outside today. Of course, it's a Monday.
I still thank god that i'm alive and for the day he created for me, but I'm just wishing I could see more of how beautiful His creation is today!

I've been kind of on edge all day. I think it comes from my building irritability from every night i study too late and wake up too early. college sucks.
I've been noting the ignorance in pretty much every human on earth today, and I realize this is a very unattractive quality!
I'll be better tomorrow, Mondays just always do this to me!!

This is the last week of Winter Quarter . THANK.GOD.

Oh! My cousin (who shares my name!) has a new blog, check Emily out!

I love this picture. And I love this guy.
Such a cute little Japanese man!

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