Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow body knows!

I havent been keeping up with my blog very well lately, sorry!
I've been heaps of busy, and yesterday I was just too excited to blog!


Yes folks it really did! First time in ...hmm.. almost 10 years!
I was in 4th grade last time!
It was so much fun.
I'll post a few pics in my next post, I didnt take very many because I was busy playing so hard!
So I'll steal some from my sister and boyfriend's camera's...haha!

In other news,
Ty and I are celebrating Valentine's tonight!
I'm so excited!
He's taking my to Long Horn Steak House (awesome!) , and to see Dear John (I saw this with my friend/co worker Taylor last week, but I thought Ty would like it and I really wanted to see it again!)!

I cant believe we've already been together for almost a year! (well officially...unofficially, its a whole different story, ha!)
I love that boy so much!

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  1. :) :) :)
    yay for snow and for valentines and for your soon to be anniversary!!!!