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Thursday, July 8, 2010


..I'm talking serious, "what do you want to do with your life?" dreams..i'm talking literal, sleeping dreams.

Every single night since I got engaged I have had a dream about either getting married or playing music. This probably because I got engaged on the stage I had played worship on all week long before, and because all I can think about is wedding plans!
I want a normal dream again!

ok wait..
i fibbed. I did have ONE dream not pertaining to weddings or music..
and it was WEIRD.

It was about me racing the world's fastest octopus, supposedly called the "great santa fe", across the English Channel. I absolutely have NO idea where that came from! It was so nutty!

Anybody else have any crazy dreams lately?


  1. last night i had a dream that i lived in "communist england" and everything i did was controlled by this little ball on this bracelet i had to wear. but only certain people had to wear it. and if you didnt do what the ball said, you'd be found out. one part was really weird though, i was at a piano recital and right before i went up to play,the little controller deal told me to play the 7th symphony instead, and so i had to.
    weird crap.

  2. hahahahaha.
    that's hilarious.
    our poor brains are being tortured by England!

  3. haha! i didnt even realize the connection there!
    geez, you'd think we were sisters or something...