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Monday, October 5, 2009

She's got you high, and you dont even know yet.

I've come across this little jewel of a band, Mumm-ra. Unfortunately, they are no longer together, but their music was incredible to my ears.

It's been quite a while since i've updated..
I decided i needed to get back into this to ease my mind with all this craziness in my life now!

I'm not much for school.
Definitely not.
College is for the birds.
Dont get me wrong, i enjoy calling myself a bulldog! ha..but..i just really hate all this work..and it wouldnt be such a big deal, i just really need more hours in the day. Or less hours at work.
I realize 30 hours a week shouldnt be a big deal..but im just not used to this insane amount of school work and studying AND having to work everyday.

But I'll live,
God help me!

My cousin has a new girlfriend..which happens to be one of my good friends..and i'm kind of liking it a lot. haha.
I'm not even sure why i wrote that. I just like
I like being able to hang out with another couple...especially ones my age lol.

balloon shop videos pretty much make my lifetime.

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