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Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't step on my blue suede shoes!

I love Elvis Presley. I dont care who says he didnt deserve all the attention he got...he did too!!

I had a wreck last week.
I was on the interstate on my way to Ruston for school when a dog ran out in front of me.
I tried to change lanes and get out of the way but from the constant rain we'd been having, the roads were slick, causing me to lose control of my car. I spun about 5 times until i hit the woods on the side of the interstate. But once i hit, my car turned and kept going in the woods the other way. I remember thinking "ok god when is it going to stop!!??" car was totaled..but thankfully i was not. hehe.
People that stopped to help said they didnt think whoever was in that car was gonna get out of there alright. But i walked out of it with only a paper cut, and some bruises. I am so blessed!
There's so much more to this story...and so many things that could have went wrong but didnt that morning. I'm just thankful he's got something planned for my life...if he didnt I wouldnt still be here.

there's a big hole on the side of the interstate now from this! haha.

I wanna go to the beachhhh. Too bad its Not sure how much fun the beach would be without the warmth.
But it'd still be better than here.
I'm drowning in my school work right now...i really do not know how im going to pass this math!

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