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Friday, March 27, 2009

You know me, you dont mind waiting..

You just cant show me. But God I'm prayin'.
That you'll find me, and that you'll see me.
That you'll run...and never tire.

oh, Desire.

    So, i'm babysitting Brayden and Carley Mae on my day off.
I know that sounds like the dumbest thing ever, to work on my day off, but really, i love it.
I've been the Ernst's babysitter since Brayden was born almost 3 years ago..
and I'm seriously about to cry over how much i've watched him grow!
No more more even potty training.
He's a big brother now!

oh my..i dont know WHAT i'm gonna do when i see my own children growing, cause i just about cant take THIS!

The majority of people that know me very well, all agree that i'm a natural mother..which is kind of weird i admit..
but i really cant help it. poop and snot does not phase me. crying and screaming rarely makes me angry. i almost prefer child talk over that of my own age. i thoroughly enjoy chopping up food and making sippy cups..
and i'm only 17!

I know! It's strange!

But all i EVER wanted to be was a mommy. No kidding. when i was younger everytime i was asked what i wanted to be, i told em with all the pride in my heart that i was gonna be a mommy. ha...i seriously already have my children's names picked out, how i want to make their daily schedules, what i'm gonna feed them...i swear there's something wrong with me!!!!!!


  1. nothings wrong with you.. im the SAME way.. i cannot wait to have my own kids. justin has other plans for us though, haha!

  2. haha well at least your married!!
    I'm not even THERE yet!! haha!