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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Diamonds on the inside.

Wednesday! Hump day! Oh yes! I can make it! lol. Wednesday always gives me a little burst of hope, especially since i dont work on Wednesday's. I always run around like crazy though. I get out of school at 11, go get something for lunch, pick up a treat for my Kids Hope kid, then head on to Boley to mentor. After I leave Boley, i go tan real quick, then head up to the Chick Fil A to either get my check, or ask off for next week, or both. Then it's off to guitar lessons, then to Subway, West Monroe to pick up Kaitlyn from school, and head to church for worship practice before Shockwave. From Shockwave i head across the street where I nap through CC band practice..and finally get to go home at about 10 pm! Whew...I'm tired just typing all that. haha.

But today is First Wednesday Worship, so i picked kaitlyn up and got to go home and relax! woo hoo!!

Cap and gown pictures are tomorrow...haha..i look silly in them.

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