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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I dont mind, if you dont mind.

Another week gone, another week started. Daylight savings started or ended..or one of those happened today too lol. I'm glad. Because now when i get off work it wont be dark! yay!

I have a biology test tuesday.
I really dont want to study for it.
I should ahve started last week, but im just such a procrastinator...and i could really care less about the lymphatic system! I mean really, unless im Dr. House, do i really need that mess?!
Speaking of which, I love House!

I am a child magnet. And even more so a magnet to children. I hear a kid anywhere, and my head immediately turns to find it. I cant help it. And in stores and restaurants...doesnt matter if the kid has ever seen me before in his life..they always want to come to me or play with me..i love it, but it gets a little awkward with the parent right there, watching this complete stranger play with their child.

i cant wait for children.

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