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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where'd you Go? I Miss You So...(dear, sleep)

Today is my first day back to school after the that's blahhh...

My biggest annoyance lately (I think I have a new pregnancy related annoyance every day, really) is my lack of SLEEP.
What is keeping me from sleep you ask?
- I have no idea
- I have no idea
- I have NO idea

And that is what makes it most frustrating! I can't fix it because there is practically nothing (besides just being 22 weeks pregnant) that is causing it!
I have never been one to have sleep issues, even now I fall right to sleep when I lay down (or lay down the iPhone...); I'm realizing just how terribly inconvenient and annoying sleep issued really are! If you are naturally a bad sleeper..I am so sorry! I now know your pain!

Might I mention though- we I do sleep, I have the worlds most insane dreams EVER.
Also, I sleep the very best between the hours of 8 am - 12 pm.
I'm lucky to be able to only be in an actual classroom 2 days a week, so this incredibly slothful sleeping habit can continue first it bothered me..but now I tell my better judgement to shove it because I need this darn sleep.
...I can complain about being uncomfortable the rest of my waking hours.

Also- my belly is becoming obvious now...and I'm starting to get lots of judgmental that's really fun...

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