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Friday, December 30, 2011

B-ham and Blue Jeans

In a few hours, Ty, myself, and a drummer friend will be heading to Birmingham, Alabama - my favorite Southern city I've ever visited. Ty is leading worship at the church of some friends of ours for a New Years Eve worship night.
I'm hoping to find some fun things to do around the city in exchange for my having to sit through band rehearsals that I'm not even a part of!

This is my first road trip being pregnant, and even though im not even quite into my 3rd trimester, I'm almost always uncomfortable now. I'm a little concerned about being totally miserable on the way there. I have to dress presentably because when we get there We'll be meeting up with our friends. Which means...dun dun dun...the dreaded JEANS.

Jeans are my worst enemy right now. I hate jeans.
Why you ask?
- they're tight!
- they put pressure on my baby bump!
- i only have ONE pair of maternity jeans, meaning..BUTTONS.
- they just suck.

I was always more of a shorts fan anyway, and now with my growing belly, I'm WAY more of a shorts fan. I'm so ready for spring.

I think i'll like looking back at these posts after Liam is finally here. Im not sure if i'll laugh at myself, or cry because i wish i still had time to be such a whiner...but seriously..I don't know how moms that already have kids handle're in my prayers!

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