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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm totally procrastinating on this wedding planning stuff...
got the venue, got my dress, all my brides maids got their dresses ordered, got a trailer, got the honey moon...
yeah that's about it.HA.

Next on the list is picking the flower girl dress, who's doing the flowers, and the cake...cupcakes, in my case :)

But, this is me. And Me is not a bridezilla.
This bride just wants to be married; all that other wedding stuff is just petty.

And this is my favorite youtube video right now..
check it out.
this is awesome.


Winter Quarter starts tomorrow...BOOOOOOOOOOO.


  1. Heather from Social Bites in Ruston does an awesome job on baked goods!

  2. If you want real flowers talk to Phyllis in the Brookshires on N18th. She was incredible and great prices!!!!

  3. Lauren,
    I think I remember your mom telling me that! We're looking into that!!