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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy Day Blues.

Well, I'm not really that blue, just tired and wanting to take a nap because that's just what you do on rainy days!!
Unfortunately, it is not a weekend, it is a week day, and i had school, and now sit at work.
I hate hate hate driving in the rain (ESPECIALLY on the interstate) now since my wreck. I was driving 45 in a 70 with white knuckles, all the way home. haha.

Yesterday Flood. played at an event called Just for Jesus at the Civic Center. It was during the school hours, in order to protest our lack of God in schools. We had 800-1000 students show up!!! Wow!! I, playing bass, had my picture in the paper today too!!
the rest of the pictures from this event are here : The News Star!
Our little friend, the UCLA was a bit frustrated with us..hehe.

Ty and I are celebrating our ONE YEAR tomorrow! The actual date is Monday, the 26, but what can you do on a Monday??
So yep! We're excited!!
And I'm making him a sweet gift I think!
I'll post it case he reads this before I give it to him!! :)

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