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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'll look after you.

I cannot help the consistent need to always be taking care of something or somebody. This drives many people than know me quite crazy..but i just cannot help it. I just always feel the need to look out for somebody. I kind of wish i could stop that.
i have a feeling i'm going to be a smothering parent.... :(

This begins my 3rd week of being out of high school..
and as of right now, i have a freaking easy life, i must admit.
I do nothing but hang out with Ty.
I'm spoiling myself rotten, but i'm pretending like it's well deserved lol.
I really cant wait to move out though..
whether i am or not comes down to how affordable it will be when the time comes of course, but if i can it would be great.
I like a clean house..i like a clean car...i like getting things done...
but when someone forces them onto me, i refuse to do them. THUS, my disaster of a car, my tornado of a room, and my never ending procrastination.

I want a new vehicle SO bad.

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