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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wax on...wax off..

day 3 of strep..
and i've been watching a Karate Kid marathon i

I love mr. miagi (sp?)..he's such a cute little asian man.haha.

so i have 9 weeks until i am out of high school!
i'm so excited...but at the same time to scared because then i'll have to move on with my life!
Ahhh! That terrifies me a bit. I want to do the right thing. And not just the RIGHT thing, but the BEST thing that God has planned for me. I want to follow the exact path that he has planned for me, not just one i could settle with.
I'm still praying about what i should do with my future...i mean, i know what i WANT to do...
it's all just a matter of deciding HOW to get there, and making the decision God would have me make.
I'm a little bit overwhelmed...

in the mean time..

I've been accepted to LA Tech!

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